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DoctoriumGP is a Women's health, Wellness, Menopause and Aesthetics clinic.  Every woman should be able to have explained the details of her health, Menopause and skincare with a doctor who understands this. 

At DoctoriumGP, your menopause doctor in Derby, we can give patients the time they need, based on experience, with a trauma informed approach. We aim to provide information, assessment of your wellbeing in relation to any current health problems and future health concerns. Any recommendations are specific to you and you alone.  Alongside your health and skin, aesthetics concerns and pelvic health are considered extremely important here at DoctoriumGP. 

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Care specific to YOU

Women have been taught to put up with symptoms and often tell me “I'm sure you will say it's just my age but,” when they refer to their own mid life health. The medias response to HRT in the early 2000's and current celebrity culture and social media obsession with female aging (as something to be avoided at all costs) means that the information women can easily assess is not always accurate and certainly not specific to them as individuals. That's where DoctoriumGP – your menopause doctor in Derby – plans to set things right.

The British Menopause Society states that all women should have access to accurate information on their Menopause. NICE (the guiding body for healthcare in the UK) produced a guideline in 2015 indicating that most menopausal women should be managed with guidance and information from a GP.  We recognise Aesthetic effects of Menopause and intimate symptoms for which we have multiple options at DoctoriumGP.

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 Ahead of your appointment

Before your face-to-face appointment with DoctoriumGP, it is important that our medical team are aware of your medical history and all medications or supplements you may be taking. 


The GP who provides your appointment will not have access to your NHS medical records and, therefore, anything you can provide beforehand will make your appointment more efficient and personal to you. In addition, all patients seen in our clinics require:

  • An NHS GP to ensure continuity of care
  • Any up-to-date blood tests or scans related to your gynaecological health
  • A record of HRT regimes tried in the past or current regime

Please note: Bloods tests are not usually required but can be advised and carried out through the NHS or arranged at an extra cost.



Will I need a follow-up appointment?

Our Doctor will advise if you need a follow up appointment and, if required, book that for you at the time of your consultation. However, if you wish to book an appointment because your health has changed or you wish to review your management plan, then you may do so through our website.

Will I need an examination?

Physical examination is available if necessary and can be carried out as an additional appointment or you can integrate with your NHS GP. We cannot perform cervical screening nor pelvic ultrasound scanning at our clinics at this time.



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Face-to-face appointment: £250

Additional costs following your appointment may include:

Pelvic examination: £150 (20 minutes follow up appointment)       

Remote follow up appointment: £100 (15 minutes)

Face to face follow up appointment: £150-250 (20-40mintues)





  • MBChB
  • MRCS
  • Member of the British Menopause Society
  • Member of Primary Care Women's Health Forum




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