The Compasionate Employer Menopause Toolkit

The numbers of midlife women in work have grown exponentially over the last 20 years to 69% of women aged 55-59 years old in paid employment in the UK currently.  There has been a 75% increase in reference to Menopause in employment tribunals UK wide in the last year alone.  Reference women's health initiative 2022. 




"A very informative workshop.  Lots of info.  You speaker explained very well in terms that were understandable and relatable."

Video package: Employee Menopause awareness training.  £250




The first step in providing compassionate management during the menopause, which in turn will maximise your workforce performance, is to ensure your employees are aware of the Menopause itself.  Our courses detail the simple science of the menopause, the symptoms to be aware of, how these symptoms may affect your employees at work and the menopause support that is in place, in house.  As employers this offers some protection regards employment tribunals being bought and demonstrates an empathetic leadership within your business. 



The way in which we deal with our employees who are undergoing challenges makes a huge difference to outcome for both the employee and the employer and the workplace stresses of the individuals involved.  Many Managers and HR leads have no concept of the Menopause itself and therefore are not considering it when an employee is underperforming.  Whilst Menopause is not yet a protected characteristic in employment law, the British Menopause Society's survey of 2016 demonstrated more than 1/3rd of Women found their Menopause symptoms have impacted their work life.  Health and safety at work, age and gender protections are all important legislation for employers and their management teams to be familiar with.  

Video package: Management training.  £250


 TRAINING PACKAGE via video course or webinar

Legal considerations around the Menopause.

How might menopause present in your teams?,

How to discuss menopause with a person suffering from these symptoms with causing offence or distress.

Menopause risk assessment.

Reasonable adjustments a Menopausal employee may require.

Menopause inclusivity.

Case studies.

Building a bespoke Menopause policy.



As employers, awareness, support, risk assessments of our employees and reasonable adjustment plans offers some protection.  With the aim of supporting our mid life female employees to fulfill their potential and not require long periods of absence or in the extreme end their careers.  

Our toolkit also includes advice on Menopause inclusivity which is essential in the future of employment.  

Framework for building a bespoke menopause policy or cause for your health and safety at work compliance.  Information regarding the legal requirements surrounding the menopause from an employers perspective and where to obtain further guidance.  

Templates £150

The compassionate employer Menopause toolkit

Complete toolkit- £600 (Employee menopause awareness videos, Management training videos and access to our toolkit documents)


Live webinar training from our Menopause or business specialists available.  Discuss your bespoke requirements with our admin team.

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