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Menopause Clinic in Derby

Menopause Events & Courses Including Workplace Training

Welcome to DoctoriumGP, your go-to menopause doctor in Derby. It's no secret that the public support for menopausal women in the UK isn't exactly up to scratch, so we're committed to providing a friendly and inclusive space for you to learn, connect and grow during your menopause journey. Outside of our menopause clinic in Derby, we offer informative talks and immersive half-day menoPAUSE classes up and down the country.

We strive to empower and educate women about their mid life health and well-being. Our services are adaptable to your specific needs and situation, so get in touch for prices and details. Join us as we navigate this new chapter together.


Upcoming MenoPAUSE Wellness Courses


Saturday 20th April 2024 2:30pm-5pm


Sunday 19th May 2024 2:30pm-5pm

MenoPAUSE course at DoctoriumGP clinic



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Menopause and mid life health speaker

In today's competitive business environment, understanding the unique needs of your workforce is crucial to fostering a supportive and thriving workplace. The effects of menopause on your employees has been overlooked for many years.  We are excited to introduce the ‘Managing menopause with compassion: a toolkit for employers' , a comprehensive training program designed by Doctorium GP to educate your HR staff and managers on the impacts of menopause and how to support those experiencing it.

Our speakers are passionate experts dedicated to educating and empowering women through their menopause journey. DoctoriumGP is available to speak at offices, headquarters, pre-agreed event spaces, schools, and various other locations, providing tailored advice and guidance packages.

Prices are dependent on a variety of factors, so get in touch to find out more.

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Menopause Clinic selling Menopause help videos and Menopause products




MenoPAUSE events

Come and join at a MenoPAUSE event and learn about the change of life.  We are taught (however badly) in school about puberty and we all remember the lesson where they take the girls away to discuss periods. We enter mid life with the vague notion that, at some point, our periods will stop, we will suffer some symptoms but we will push through it because “that's what women do.”

We invite you to come and invest in yourself. Come and take that education class on Perimenopause, mid life health and well-being from someone who cares, has extensive experience and extra qualifications in Menopause. We're passionate about putting women first.

MenoPAUSE and relax event example:

Arrival drinks and informal introductions

Menopause and Perimenopause introduction

Holistic Menopause care

Hormone replacement therapy and non hormone treatments

Intimate symptoms focus

Anonymous questions and answer session


Courses typically run for half a day and will be small groups to allow you to truly empower your understanding.



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