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At DoctoriumGP we know the way you look and feel is directly related to your health

Facial rejuvenation

After an Assesment of your concerns our Medic can offer Facial filler or other anti-ageing treatments.  Vivvacy hydro skin booster and hydro max 5 point application have superb results.  Polyneuclotides or the ever popular platelet rich plasma (PRP) application (known as the Vampire facial) are also available.  

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Radiofrequency and Ultrasound technologies

Exion is out platform for aesthetic excellence.  We can offer facial, body and feminine treatments depending on your needs.  The combination of ultrasound used for decades in physiotherapy and cardiology and radio frequency has benefits for non surgical fat reduction to the face and body, skin rejuvenation to the face and body and vaginal rejuvenation including improving the ph of the vagina (which is a problem post menopause) and improving tissue depth and tightening to the vaginal canal.  



Vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor stimulationation

The Emsella 'happy chair' as its known, is a totally dignified, clothes on experience, which uses electromagnetic pulsations (empty your pockets first please) to stimulate the muscles of your pelvic floor.  DoctoriumGP medical are trained in vaginal PRP (platelet rich plasma) and labial filler application.  Our technologies can be used to improve the experience of the labia externally.  


 Vaginal rejuvenation models required

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for vaginal rejuvenation and labial puff (hyaluronic acid filler to the labia major- outer vaginal lips) are techniques to help with appearance and moisturisation.  


Monday 29th April

Neo Emsculpt 

A super popular treatment for clients and staff alike, this technology combines HIFE (ultrasound) and Radiofrequency.  Sculpting your buttocks or abdomen through muscle contraction and ultrasound lipolysis has never been easier as your rest back in our clinical room for 30minutes, for 4 weekly sessions.  

Week offer a bespoke 'Bikini-body' loading package combining pelvic floor lifting, abdominal sculpting and polynucleotide stretch mark treatment.  



We don't just offer you a service we solve your problems  

At DoctoriumGP we are medics bound by the duties of the doctor and will only ever offer approved treatments backed by medical research.  Talk to us about how we promote your health, safety and wellbeing.  



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